Monday, March 12, 2012

Alright... Alright...

Okay guys, I know its been a minute since I posted some stuff up but I will be posting a couple of tracks up in the Audio section as well as here in the main area for your listening pleasure. I'm trying to hit the studio to lay down a couple of verses for a couple of tracks so give me a minute to complete those. Sucks when I'm slowing down the colab process. Sorry once again but know that it will be worth the wait. L8TER ya'll

Thursday, March 1, 2012


This is my homie B-Naz. Reppin Riverside, CA since the day he was born. I've known this guy for years. Based out of, you guessed it, Riverside, CA he has a style of his own. He has skills and isn't afraid to prove it. Not one to beef but if tested he'll bring it hard. Recently involved in a friendly lyrical battle against Metsys of the Agents. B-Naz of Skillful Tactics demolished Metsys. Clearly showing who has the better mic skills. Give him a listen and comment if you must.


Yo! I told ya'll this would happen. So here's my first video post. This is my one and only cousin DYNAMO! Okay he's not really my one and only cousin I have like thousands. I'm half Mexican remember. Dynamo is based out of Los Angeles, CA and his flow is mad SICK! I had to start a daily dose of antibiotics just because I listen to him every day. You can also hear his music on I recommend you head that way after you hear this TRACK! Comment if you feeling this one. Oh yeah, I hear he's about to lace the rap world with a hot new number next week! So stay tuned for that one.

Glad To Meet You

Yo Yo Yo... What up everyone? Welcome to the one and only Flowintino blog! Unless you happen to stumble upon my other blogs then that last sentence was a lie. I'm trying to bring you my music which is more of a hobby for me but also introduce you to my fam of actual talented MC's and local MC's as well. Cats that I've known for a while and who are bringing a breath of fresh air to this game with their rhyming steez as well as cats that I'm barely finding out about. So keep checking back weekly cause I will try to post weekly. Expect music in forms of audio and video. Thanks for stopping by. PEACE! Oh yeah, and I'm supported by these Google sponsored ads, so if one interests you go ahead and click on it. THANKS!